About us

CSGuard is an international IT Infrastructure & Security Consultancy firm, specialised in Security Architecture and Risk Management.

Our mission:

to guide our clients in their efforts to secure their business, intellectual property and customer data;

to assist our clients in developing, improving or evolving their IT architecture;

to inform our clients of emerging threats, new techniques and cutting-edge technological developments;

and to educate our clients to be prepared for these new challenges ahead.


What we do

CSGuard can accompany you on your journey towards a secure IT landscape. We offer a wide array of expertise:

  • Security

  • Datacentre

  • Penetration

  • Cloud


Our experience

Our experience spans across many different sectors, both nationally and internationally:

  • Financial: private and retail banking, insurance, payroll, credit card providers
  • Healthcare: social services, hospitals
  • Institutions: government, international bodies
  • Education: universities, scientific research
  • Automotive industry, transport and logistics
  • ...

We adapt to every customer's specific needs and strive for the highest level of excellence in our work.